Club Constitution

All Members are expected to read the clubs constitution and abide by them at all times.

SIRC Club Constitution

Membership 2018/19

There are currently six levels of membership available at the club;

  • Senior                £240

  • Junior                £120

  • Student             £120

  • Associate          £100

  • Social                   £10

  • Coxing only      £10

Membership form

Boat Racking Fee   – £100

Environment Fees   – £24.50

  • Environment agency license fees are is chargeable from 1st April and is applied to all private boats and added the racking fee

Beginners Course

The beginners is run over six training sessions (approx. 90 mins per session) and costs £40. The fee is payable at the end of a mandatory  1 hour induction course covering all the Safety aspects of Rowing and using Gym equipment which is run prior to starting the course.

Induction Presentation