2019 Regatta

Thanks to everyone that participated in the 2019 regatta.

This year was the largest entry to date and we managed to run 162 races throughout the day and finish very close to the scheduled time.

If you have any feedback for us (good or bad) please contact Elliott at; RegattaChairman@StIvesRowingClub.co.uk and we will hopefully see you all in 2020.

2019 – Regatta Results

2019 – Photos

Previous Regatta Results

2018 – Regatta Results

Video: David Brooks at X-Copters Arial media Dave@xcopters.co.uk  www.xcopters.co.uk

Regatta Sponsors

Thanks to Helen Cooper for their continued support in supplying all the trophies and pots for St Ives regatta.

Please click on the image above to see their full range